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4 Takeaways For Fashion Creatives From LFDW’s Fashion Business Series

On day 2 of LFDW, professionals from all walks of the fashion industry (and beyond) gathered to discuss the business of fashion and its potential in contributing to the growth of our economy. Panel conversations included a focus on how to create value through fashion, bloggers and their role in promoting the growth of the industry and a look at Nigeria’s leather industry. We’ve distilled the 4 most important takeaways from Fashion Business Series for fashion creatives who are looking to build their brand.


  • Use your network: Social media has made it such that brands are able to connect directly with the consumers and everyday people. Build your network and make sure to utilize it when thinking about ways to grow your brand.


  • Be prepared: African investors are not keen on taking risks, and risk aversion depends on capital and creating value for your brand.


  • Quality is important: Creating quality is one of the most important ways to protect your brand. Raw talent is important, but investors are looking for brands that they can confidently put their money behind, and creating quality products is the best way to ensure that.


  • Stay true to your vision:  It is important for your vision to always be clear and true. Whether you’re a blogger or designer, stay true to your brand, there is no point trying to create something that is not fundamentally you.

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