GTBank Lagos Fashion & Design Week Fashion Focus x British Council Meet the Designer Cocktail Party

On friday 10th October 2014, GTBLFDW presented the 2014 Fashion Focus Finalist to stakeholders at a cocktail event held at Milki, Lagos. Industry insiders, media, sponsors and fashion enthusiasts had a chance to interact with the finalist and find out what inspires their collections. Fashion Focus 2014 in partnership with Frallain Inc and Istituto Marangoni.

GTBLFDW x British Council Top 15 Fashion Focus Finalists

GTB LFDW will take place this year on October 29th to November 1st at GTBank LFDW Marquee at Federal Palace Hotel

Highlights will include:


  • GTBank LFDW Showrooms – open 10am daily
  • GTBank LFDW Runway Shows – 5pm Daily
  • GTBank LFDW Fashion Focus Finalists runway presentation

GTB LFDW is supported by:

Title sponsored by Guaranty Trust Bank

Other sponsors include: Maybelline, Style House Files,  British Council,  Fayrouz and Laurent Perrier. Media partners Wings Magazine, Genevieve Magazine,  Haute Fashion Africa,  Style Vitae,  Ono Bello,  Style HQ and DSTV.

See photos from some of our friends who came to Meet the Finalists:

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