GTBank LFDW Textile Design Competition

The Textile Design Competition is brought to you by Behind the Seams Apparel.Behind the Seams Apparel provides services that help designers/design entrepreneurs manage effectively apparel development and mass production activities from concept to final products for retail. Such services include fabric sourcing & printing, technical specifications/packages, pattern development, garment prototyping, garment fit and evaluation, production management, quality assurance & control, vendor social compliance.



Design a fabric print inspired by the following;

The essence of? GTB Lagos Fashion and Design Week – creativity,
passion with commerce as the principal driving force and how the
event truly showcases the LASGIDI? culture.

The GTB Lagos Fashion and Design Week colours (Orange, White, Black and Grey).

You will need to prepare two files for your submission :

An ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR file of a single motif or one repeat area of
your design. Please ensure that your repeat is a perfect square, with
matching height and width.

A JPG of entire pattern design 24? x 24? at 72dpi- 2 MB file size limit. A
JPG file is to show your repeat and scale intentions.

The winning designer will receive 20 yards of fabric of the print design
submitted. Fabric options for the printing of their design will be
provided by the sponsor.

SEND FILES TO: info@behindtheseams-apparel.com



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