Folks are still recovering from all the excitement and creativity that Lagos Fashion and Design Week brought about. The designers and their collections are much proof to the fantastic talent coming out of Africa and for those who attended, they remain motivated and inspiredLFDW gave people the opportunity to come as themselves. Yes, they may have received a couple of stares and passing comments on their way to the event, but upon arrival I can only imagine that they got a sense of belonging.

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LFDW provided a way for people to express themselves beyond words and action; they were able to simply show themselves. Fashion enthusiasts came sporting tattered shirts and doc martens, some came glossy in finer labels, in fluorescent colors, in minimal black, a couple came with sullen faces (because fashion is serious, I suppose) while others came flashing bright smiles (because fashion isn’t all that serious)

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Now, if you have ever wholeheartedly attended anything ‘Fashion Week’ in any country around the world, you know that people pay just as much attention to clothes worn off the runway as they do on the runway. If you plan to spend a couple of hours participating or observing all that goes on, you ought to know the importance of comfort and this was a collective agreement for most at LFDW. One could not help but notice the number of New Balance and Nike sneakers that trotted to and fro during the week and it was enjoyable to observe individual styles paired up with cosy footwear.

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