Kanyinsola Onalaja

Onalaja is a contemporary womenswear brand.

The label was founded by Kanyinsola Onalaja following her graduation from Istituto Marangoni in 2014. The brand aims to bridge the gap between Kanyinsola’s Nigerian heritage and flair for artisan crafts, Italian design aesthetics with the formality of British fashion?.?

Onalaja presents an imaginative concept of culture, heritage,luxury and a contemporary appreciation of beauty through its highly crafted pieces that explore texture clashes, a play on proportions, colour and textile manipulation. The focus is on perfect execution, artisanal craft, with hints of androgyny versus whimsical elements.

Onalaja aims to create a form of communication and interaction that fuses Onalaja’s Nigerian heritage and flair for the artisanal craftsmanship with Italian design aesthetics and the formality of British fashion.

An underlying concept within all Onalaja collections always remains “Our Heritage Re-Imagined – The Africa We Don’t See”, re-imagining heritage interpretation and the language of tradition is an aspect key to DNA of the brand. People create stories, which in turn create people; but often stories also create people, whom in turn create stories.

Visually curated culture and heritage can celebrate and highlight the qualities that connect, complement and contrast, but ultimately celebrate creative perceptiveness of not only Onalaja as a brand, but as a cultural entity within its own rights.

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