LFDW Model Off Duty- Mayowa Nicholas

LFDW Model Off Duty- Mayowa Nicholas
Lagos Fashion Week
Lagos Fashion Week
30 October 2016

Our model of the moment Mayowa Nicholas has had a great year filled with big moves from campaigns for international brands such as Dolce & Gabanna & Miu Miu to storming the runway during fashion weeks all around the world. It all started two years ago when she won the Elite Model Look in 2014. Her poise, pillowy lips, and perfect physique could charm any casting directors, fashion designer, and fashion enthusiasts. At LFDW, we caught her off duty for a quick chat and discussed what she does in her free time, and what she looks forward to in her career

LFDW: What would you say has been your biggest achievement so far?

Mayowa Nicholas: This year I’ve had so many moments, and it's hard to pick a specific one. I see signing with Elite as a big achievement because it was the beginning of my career and everything else wouldn’t have happened without it. But I would say that my favorite was doing the Miu Miu campaign.

LFDW: What do you do with your time when you’re not modeling?

Mayowa Nicholas: I like to hang out with my friends and just not talk about modeling. I kind of also enjoy being on my own and watching a movie because I’m around so many people, it's nice to have so much alone time.

LFDW: Do you have any backstage rituals before you go on?

Mayowa Nicholas: I get really nervous before a show because I have to do my best to portray the vision that the designers have. I prefer to be prepared well before the show and then kind of just chill and relieve the stress before I go on. If it’s a shoot then I like to familiarize with the mood board and then just kind of prepare with the photographer so that it comes out well.

LFDW: How has your personal life changed because of your career?

Mayowa Nicholas: I didn’t have to change personally, but some things in my life definitely had to change. My schedule is super busy now, and there are certain things that I can’t do anymore.

LFDW: Who would you say is your favorite LFDW designer?

Mayowa Nicholas: I love Lisa Folawiyo because the style of her collections is super chic and her collections are always amazing. I’m excited to walk for her show during LFDW because it fits my own style and I love the clothes.

LFDW: What would you consider to be the peak of your career?

Mayowa Nicholas: I don’t really know right now, it keeps changing. Last year I wanted the peak of my career to be walking in a Chanel show, but I’ve done that, and now I’m hoping for more. I think, for now, the peak of my career would be getting a makeup contract!

LFDW: What are you aiming to get out of LFDW?

Mayowa Nicholas: My goal for LFDW is to have fun and see creative designs. I would also love to see what Nigerian fashion I like.

As the last day of LFDW is upon us, and we are super excited to seeing Mayowa again in tonight’s Lisa Folawiyo show.

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