X Retail Designer Spotlight- Bridestead

X Retail Designer Spotlight- Bridestead
Lagos Fashion Week
Lagos Fashion Week
28 October 2016

Since its birth in September 2015, Bridestead has pursued excellence in delivering bridal dresses and accessories that allow brides relax and enjoy the anticipation of their wedding day. Bridestead aims to relieve brides of the pressure and anxiety leading up to their day, and in a chat with LFDW, the brand explains their inspiration and gives insight into the bridal fashion industry in Nigeria

LFDW: Why the name Bridestead?

Amanda: We want the brand to represent a safe haven for brides nationwide; to have their bridal needs met without going through too much trouble. From the bridal showers to the bridesmaids, we’ve got things covered. So the name Bridestead represents the haven for all brides.

LFDW: What's the inspiration behind your brand?

Amanda: My interest is in the beauty of the bridal world and its challenges. I am also inspired by the faces of the brides I see every day. My intention is to change the wedding game, with the focus on brides and bridal needs.

LFDW:What do you enjoy most about working within the bridal space?

Amanda: Bridal shopping at Bridestead is like Christmas shopping for children. There is a lot of excitement and confusion, and whatever the bride had in mind when she came in all goes out the window. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to reassure these women that they are just as beautiful as they hope to be and to be able to offer direction in their choices and to ultimately put smiles on their faces.

LFDW: How does Lagos or Nigeria as a whole inspire your designs, if at all it does?

Amanda: As a busy, crowded city, there is the need to create room for convenience in our dresses. Our gorgeous, detachable pieces are a reflection of this train of thought, and enable our brides to turn their charms on and off, at will.

LFDW: Who is the Bridestead bride?

Amanda: The Bridestead bride is spoken for, on all platforms. Think of her as the daddy’s little girl that he’s overprotective of. She has all her bridal needs met in one place, and she barely has to lift a finger. She is pampered by Bridestead as much as her groom loves her. The Bridestead bride is a queen.

LFDW: Are there any particular retail challenges you've faced since the inception of your brand?

Amanda: Dealing with the right vendors and getting sufficient exposure, has been our major challenge.

LFDW: What do you hope to gain out of X-Retail this year?

Amanda: Exposure, good rapport with future clients, opportunities to shine, such as this, and more connections with the right vendors and customers.

LFDW: Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years?

Amanda: I expect Bridestead to become a household name where bridal and formal event gear is concerned. We hope to feature in more fashion shows as well, and collaborate with established designers both in Nigeria and abroad, as we continue to provide goods and services that inevitably speak for themselves

LFDW: What are your hopes in terms of growth for the bridal fashion industry in Nigeria?

Amanda: I don’t believe we have a solid one at the moment, but I believe and hope that Bridestead will set the pace as well as a good example for other bridal houses to follow.

LFDW: How do you work and collaborate with other bridal vendors to bring their mission to life?

Amanda: Aside from having a bridal store, we also have a showroom that enables us to create exposure for both our brand and that of bridal vendors. We hope to encourage collaborations via this platform.

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