Banke Kuku

Banke Kuku

Banke Kuku


Banke Kuku was founded in 2011, inspired by Banke’s (creative director and founder ) dedication to and creativity in fusing West-African and Western-eclectic inspirations to create intricate and unique designs/textiles.

Banke Kuku draws on her cultural heritage to create bespoke patterns and textiles rich with colour and texture. Intricate and luxurious, her signature prints are emblazoned upon silken fabric and include adire-inspired splatter designs, animal print, and leaf motifs.

The marriage of cultures comes together to create a sense of a modern Africa, with a design aesthetic that is a striking kaleidoscope of colour and vibrancy. Based in the heart of Lagos Nigeria, the brand stocks a range of luxury loungewear and lifestyle pieces. Each piece tells a unique African story.

Brand Launched: 2011
: Womenswear, Accessories

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