Bloke is a genderless artisanal label introducing a distinct notion of luxury through a Quirky and Artsy design aesthetic, enveloped with an undertone of spiritual consciousness to create well-thought-out garments and objects for its performative function and collectible purpose. Bloke explores the possibilities for ethically made garments with impeccable attention to textile fabrication and craftsmanship.

Having won concept store ALARA’s Design Talent Competition, Nigerian label Bloke has been thrust further into the spotlight with their alternative approach to knitwear. The groundbreaking label has also been featured as one of the Vogue Talents on Vogue Italia as No 34 out of 200 emerging brands changing fashion globally. Creative Director, Faith Oluwajimi, has valiantly used his label as a medium for a subtle critique of the state of Nigeria.

Bloke was introduced to machine knitting by a family friend, who taught him how to use a knitting machine and sparked his fashion for designing knitwear and fashion in general.

Bloke is one of the few African labels specialized in knitwear, and he does it with an ingenious twist. Taking something as mundane as knitwear - Bloke refuses to be bound by gender norms and disrupts those boundaries through his deconstructed designs.

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