Bola Yahaya

Bola Yahaya

Bola Yahaya


Bola Yahaya Nigeria is a Lagos based high-end womenswear fashion brand creating an experience for women who want to master their freedom and express themselves through timeless garments.

Born in 2018 out of the desire to flatter the female form, preserve history and self-expression, BOLA YAHAYA explores traditional African heritage and its re-interpretation into contemporary fashion.

Its journey towards a total green brand is a continuous one. The brand process is in constant change so as to be able to fully adapt to new knowledge on waste reduction. His approach entails a focus on ethical fashion, zero waste design through innovative pattern cutting/draping, recycling and upcycling.

Through his namesake brand, the designer offers a range of garments which are fashioned around elaborate narratives that are profoundly autobiographical, often reflecting upon the founder's clash of ancestral history.

The bigger picture for him is to create social impact on individuals and communities; contribute to a sustainable planet.

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