Divine Endowment

Divine Endowment

Divine Endowment


Divine Endowments Limited by Abiola Ayeni is one of the fastest-growing fashion houses in Nigeria, with the mission to deliver fitting at its very best in bespoke and ready-to-wear garments.

Divine Endowments Limited is a Nigerian company established in 1998. Since its inception, Divine Endowments have constantly narrowed the wide gap between foreign and locally made garments through their pattern-making and styling techniques. Their design skills distinguish them in the local fashion industry, making them the foremost fashion brand in Africa.

Their apparel is produced with a keen eye on fashion trends, always keeping the design trendy yet drawing from the experience of their rich heritage, and using the African print fabrics to create modern designs and styles to suit people of different shapes and sizes.

Their ready-to-wear sizes range from UK sizes 8 to 30. All garments are designed in African fabric and prints using special techniques and equipment to enhance their finish. They maintain a culture of excellence and go to great lengths to ensure their customers are satisfied. What makes them different are the trivial things they do to stand out!

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