BRAND VISION Imprint's Intuition, its Foresight

Imprint's vision is to "leave a mark". To create a high-end African-luxury brand that embeds an impression in the consumer's mind that continually reiterates its place in the world. Imprint seeks to inspire movement, confidence and pride in the consumer, allowing them to step closer to their aspirations. Imprint's vision, rooted in its very own culture and heritage aspires to ignite light and life the world over with its feet planted firmly in Africa.

CLOTHING DNA Threads that Trend Stitches in Time

Imprint's Clothing DNA is embedded in a simple ethos: 'Our Roots'. From this ethos one then sees a dialogue between designer and life. You see childhood memories reincarnated through collection styles. Prints and textures play a dominant role, for both the menswear and women's wear collections. The collections are flamboyant, brave, bold and encourage confidence in the wearer. While certain prints and signature cuts replicate themselves in each new collection, Imprint's DNA is also constantly evolving, allowing new styles and refreshed details to birth and flourish as each season comes and goes.


My Soul Dances to the Beat of my Roots "My story has a beginning, where it all began with a single root - Mother. As her son, I walked in her shoes, as big as they were to my tiny feet, until I could stand on my own and dance to her lullaby. I find myself: strong, beautiful, empowered, and grounded. I start to sing and dance to my own beat, tip-toeing in the hopes that the seed I plant will sprout into its own strength as an African."

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