Kiki Kamanu

Kiki Kamanu

Kiki Kamanu


Kiki Kamanu, born to diplomatic parents, a Bostonian mother, and Igbo father, is the face of her eponymous label founded when she began revitalizing her twin sister’s clothes at age eleven. While with the Ford modeling agency in Boston, she had the honor of walking for several designers including Chanel, and Gucci.

Kiki received her education in the United States, France, and Nigeria and is at home in any culture, having traveled to over 50 international destinations in five continents and counting. It reflects in the diversity of her creations and is no surprise that she draws inspiration from myriad sources, evident in her skillful blending of styles, textures, and fabrics from around the globe. – Sturdy cotton melt into elegant Thai silks while vibrant printed jerseys mold to perfect the feminine silhouette. Chiffons blend with Italian leathers into wearable art whose intricate details are handcrafted by gifted artisans.

To the benefit of fashion iconoclasts everywhere, Kiki left her role at Harvard as the Neurosurgery Education Program Coordinator to devote her energy to producing well-crafted exclusive creations while continuing to give back to the community by espousing the principles of fair trade. Her eclectic pieces include her revolutionary multifunctional ‘Comme Tu Veux’ wrap that wowed everyone at London’s Fashion week.

Kiki Kamanu’s brand distinctive chic has featured on several runways, including Sleek, London Fashion Week, and the ARISE Magazine Fashion Week. In addition, she and her designs have appeared in major American, European, Nigerian, and Turkish media, including CNN International and Russian Tatler. Kiki has dressed leading personalities such as Stephanie Okereke of Nollywood, Toks Olagundoye, rising Hollywood star of the hit show “The Neighbors’, Susan Taylor, Editor-Emeritus of Essence Magazine, and French singing duo Les Nubians, and has developed a faithful following in the United States, Nigeria, the Persian Gulf and now the United Kingdom.

In Kiki’s role as a costumier, she often collaborates with several leading production companies to interpret their visions onto the stage.

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