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Kiko Romeo

Kiko Romeo


KikoRomeo, meaning “Adam’s Apple” in Kiswahili, is now co-designed by mother-daughter duo Ann and Iona McCreath from Nairobi, Kenya. The heritage lifestyle brand was founded in 1996 to stimulate employment through trade and to encourage appreciation of traditional crafts. KikoRomeo is widely credited with transforming the Kenyan fashion industry and has mentored many designers and artisans over the last two decades.

Transcending cultures and fashion trends, KikoRomeo outfits have ultimately proven to be a source of confidence and pride in all who wear them. KikoRomeo continues to question what we can wear to look great, when not in conventional business attire. Looking at the textures in paints, the accidental merging of colours and mixed media create originality and richness in the textiles. Our items are crafted by artisans in East Africa, many of whom have worked with us for over two decades.

We are passionate about sustainability; striving to create longevity in each garment by using handmade and hand-dyed fabrics as well as hand-carved trims, sourced from the African continent. Our fabrics come mainly from natural fibres including cotton, linen and silk. The silhouettes are effortlessly elegant, with attention to detail.

Brand Launched: 1996
: Menswear, womenswear

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