Lagos Space Programme

Lagos Space Programme

Lagos Space Programme


Adeju Thompson, the 29-year-old designer behind Lagos Space Programme. The LSP brand is a non-binary, luxury design project exploring African futures - hence the science fiction-Esque name. All LSP pieces are one-offs, and the production is made in Africa exclusively. Adeju describes Lagos Space Programme (formerly Adeju Thompson) as a re-appropriation of the Afro-futuristic lens. “I am challenging the flood of external notions of how Africa’s future should unfold and, by implication, who should dictate is present. I’m reclaiming the ability to imagine and engineer my future. Tell my own stories.”.The brand is recognized for its interesting take on African fabrication and minimal aesthetic that seems well calculated and scientific in its approach.

A 2014 Fashion Focus finalist and 2021 LVMH Nominee Adeju Thompson created a gender-neutral fashion label with an eye for craftsmanship. The brand manifesto reads that it is an ethical movement with a focus on craft, Japanese and African typologies. A return to the idea of durable, long-lasting clothing and artisanal sensibilities that are sustainable.

Thompson began a BA in fashion design at Birmingham City University but later dropped out due to personal and financial struggles. While studying there, they picked up some books from the library on Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo, and the anti-fashion movement. He resonated that the designer was coming from a vulnerable space, and at that moment, he had a conviction that this was who he wanted to be.

Lagos Space Programme's last collection (Project 5) was inspired by the centuries-old, gender-fluid Gélédé rituals of Thompson's Yoruba ancestors. This quality of refracting fashion through a Nigerian is what makes Lagos Space Programme so intoxicating.

Brand Launched: 2018
: Menswear, Jewellery, Footwear

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