MUNKUS, founded in 2019, by Thando Ntuli, a young and curious woman born in the vibrations of Soweto. Through craftmanship, she wants to raise the voice of the everyday woman.

As the Creative Director and owner of the brand, she wants to use the power of storytelling through her clothing to allow women to be their most colourful, comfortable, and loud self.

The brand MUNKUS is a contemporary colourful trans-seasonal brand, it has 80’s and 90’s South African fashion influence with classic silhouettes to create a retro intergenerational style. She has taken inspirationfrom the generational line of mothers in her life.

MUNKUS lets you create layered looks by offering pieces that can be assembled in different ways or worn alone. MUNKUS garments are simple yet multipurposeful go-to pieces for every occasion.

MUNKUS was the name that Thando was called by at home, naturally it became a name she has attached to a sense of home. And this is an emotion the brand conveys. Relatable to any woman no matter who you are or where you are. Women should feel the same fuzziness when hearing the name and wearing the clothing.

This is an entire local experience in youthful attire that tells a story through colours and prints. A millennial rooted by history and influenced by our predecessors. She aims to create new with what is and what was.

The idea of the brand is to incorporate the history of South Africa. MUNKUS lies within the streets of Soweto and townships like Gugulethu. A brand that will continue to grow because its inspirations are rooted within intergenerational history.

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