Tiffany Amber

Tiffany Amber

Tiffany Amber


Tiffany Amber is a Nigerian fashion house launched in November 1998 by Folake Coker. It was the first ready-to-wear label in Nigeria, revolutionizing Nigerian fashion and paving the way for the industry we know and love today.

Tiffany Amber has become an iconic label in the Nigerian fashion industry. It has four stand-alone stores and boutiques in Lagos and Abuja. She has staged several fashion shows in Africa, Europe, and the United States. In 2008, she made history as the first African-based fashion designer to showcase twice at the New York Fashion Week. By 2009, in addition to her mainline, Folake extended her creative borders by adding two more lines under Tiffany Amber Nigeria: TAN by Tiffany Amber (a Diffusion line) and Folake Folarin (a Couture line). Each collection is distinctive but represents the designer's iconic style. She was the first recipient of The Designer of the Year Award at the African fashion week in Johannesburg in 2009.

In 2012, Franca Sozzani, Editor of Vogue Italia, met with Folake on her visit to Lagos and was so impressed by the brand; she invited Folake to be a part of the Fashion for Development Project.

After 19 years, Tiffany Amber remains one of the powerhouses in the African fashion industry.

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