Wana Sambo

Wana Sambo

Wana Sambo


Wana Sambo was born in the late ’80s when the world of fashion and music was at its all-time high. Leather, lace, jeans, headbands, legwarmers, miniskirts (especially the ra-ra skirts), tracksuits, jog pants, leggings, e.t.c. In Music, Madonna, The Sex Pistols and Guns & Roses, e.t.c.

From an early age, she experienced a fashion transformation. She went from boyish dressings to girlish and kept swinging both ways until she found a balance between both genres. Born in Nigeria, she set up the Wana Sambo Clothing Company in her teenage years in the university, where she sought a particular style that wasn’t sold and decided to create such a brand that she and her friends, the fashion goons, could resonate.

Minimalism, Clean Lines, Perfect Fit and Finish, are her brand’s aesthetics.

With over 50yrs experience combined, her artisans are masters in garment construction and design curation. Her ability to make one fall in love with every Wana Sambo garment is resident on their craftsmanship; this is the heart of our business. Every Wana Sambo garment is handmade in Nigeria with a focus on fabric, fit & finish and each piece is as perfect as a handmade garment can be. Wana Sambo garments are not mass-produced but designed with sustainable fabrics sourced both locally and globally.

The Wana Sambo woman is Strong, Sexy, and Exotic. She is you and everything you dare to be!

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