YEFIKIR - established in 2009 by renowned fashion designer Fikirte Addis. She started designing in high school while creating and experimenting with different designs and fabrics.

Yefikir has been advocating for child-labor-free products for a while now. And recently, together with the fashion designers association and ministry of social and labor affairs, the progress to create safe thread certification is almost completed. She also volunteers as a psychologist.

Yefikir's design is mainly known for turning fabric into tailored-made and fashionable designs without losing its cultural touch for modern-day women. The main fabrics used in all my designs are handmade cotton, and the designs are to give comfort with style. Fikirte gets her inspiration from the Ethiopian culture and vibrant environment to reflect the everyday life of the people. She designs from casual to wedding dresses mainly for women.

She had the opportunity of participating in the 'WE ARE AFRICA FASHION SPECTACULAR' organized by the South Africa Art and Culture Department. Through the personal engagement of Fikirte Addis, her brand supports the efforts of Fashion Revolution Ethiopia to create a more transparent and clean fashion industry.

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