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What do we do with our garments once we are done with them? Do we give them away directly? Do we give them to someone else to “give away”? Do we even throw them away? The answers to these questions vary greatly depending on one’s locality; however, one thing that remains constant is that when a piece of clothing reaches the end of its lifecycle, its physicality remains, whatever form this may be in.

In honour of Earth Day 2021 and Fashion Revolution Week, KikoRomeo (@kikoromeo) presents ‘’Duara’ - A capsule collection that focuses on moving towards a circular fashion economy. This capsule is made from textiles sourced from "Mitumba", the Kenyan second-hand market, and upcycled using processes of natural dying and embroidery to give these textiles a lease of new life.

Duara, meaning "Circle" in the Swahili language, is a film that visually speaks to the processes of consumption through regeneration and re-contextualising ourselves within the natural world around us. It serves to question how we have managed to corrupt the process of creation, a process so intrinsic to our beings that we share so strongly with the other inhabitants of this beautiful worldSHOW LESS

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