Eki SS21 Lookbook
LFW 2021 Collection

Eki SS21 Lookbook

Designer / Eki
Eki SS21 Lookbook

About this collection


Taken aback by the devastating Australian wildfires, the designer was inspired to narrate a story that protects nature and encourages us to reset our lifestyles.

We played with rich shades of emerald green, symbolising nature in its pristine form, and introducing layers of brown rusty lifeless leaves, high- lighting the destructure, that is a threat to humanity if we refuse to reset.

The introduction of this new green print was coupled with past storytelling of divine underwater sea patterns.

The RESET is a beautiful discourse that guides you to a place of tranquillity allowing you to revert back to basics. It is a consciously minimalistic collection using remnants and up-cycled pieces focusing more on comfort as a reflection of the current state of global affairs.

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