Hazel Eki Osunde, born in a rural town in Germany, raised in Nigeria, and now resident in London, Hazel infuses a bit of nature, culture, and travel into her designs – always with Africa on her mind.

After working in Asset Management for eight years, her fascination with culture and color inspired her to pursue a career in fashion. She draws inspiration from her cultural experiences, most notably her West African heritage, which she finds incredibly rich in story-telling.

The concept of EKI came to fruition in Africa. The print inspirations are heavily rooted in Africa; her printing is digitally-made as it consumes less water and ink for conscious sustainability. They select influencers who champion their mission. They have worked with Elle and the ambassador for Fashion for Conservation, now appointed to spearhead a UN project on sustainable fashion.

Eki believes Conscious Fashion is not a trend - it is a lifestyle and luxury for her is having entire transparency and operating with a conscience. Orange is her favorite color; hence, the reason you find an injection of colors with a distinct shade of orange running through most prints. It reminds her of the warm, rich, and earthy colors of West African soil.

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