Awa Meite

Awa Meite

Awa Meite


Awa Meite is a Malian textile and fashion designer. She develops and designs fashion and accessories in cotton and leather. All the designs, from weaving to the finished products are 100% made in Bamako, Mali, with high quality handmade, limited editions. Her work shows diversity in fashion by enlightening the traditional cotton weaving technics and leather craft in a modern way. Africa remains an important source of inspiration in global fashion, but the brand believes that the under representativity of African designers can change with the creative process of the new African fashion designers which is the uniqueness of materials, the patterns and local knowhows while empowering communities.

Awa Meite is a sustainable, eco-conscious (indigo, bogolan, bio cotton...) brand that stands for quality and high hand fashion design, dedicated to local transformation and production in Mali because made in Africa for the world. The brand is aware of what fashion represents in globalization, in which diversity is the strength and help break the stereotypes and create more equity. The challenge for Africa, in order to support the local economies, is to transform and consume what is produced locally. Cotton can help reinvent ourselves, heal from the past, history and create wealth for the future. The healing cotton process put people first.

Brand Launched: 2010
: Womenswear, Accessories

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