Awa Meite

Awa Meite

Awa Meite


Hailing from Mali and based in Mali’s Bamako, Awa Meité is a multi-talented fashion and textile designer, filmmaker, stylist, and painter. Mali is the largest cotton-producing country in Africa and the sole source of income for over 3 million people. Inspired by many West African ethnic groups, Meité’s label spotlights local artisans responsible for some of the country’s most thoughtful garments and accessories. Her ready-to-wear pieces come in an array of striking silhouettes and hand-woven fabrics and pay homage to her country’s rich history of craftsmanship and design.

Awa was born to an Ivorian father, grew up in Côte d’Ivoire, and is known as the local girl who contributed employing those undervalued weavers and tailors who knew how to make a beautiful African accessory.

Meité is interested in drawing attention to all aspects of local cotton production, including the cotton growers, spinning wheel operators, artisans, dyers, embroiderers, tailors, and merchants. Since 2007, she has been the coordinator of the Douala project, which encourages local cotton production and the exchange of ideas around cotton.

It’s beautiful that the world is embracing sustainable fashion and African brands are part of the movement. Going back to our roots and using old methods and fabrics from our natural materials, not only will we be making the world a better place, we will be reviving Africa’s forgotten history.

Every Awa Meité outfit speaks clearly and proudly. The colors, prints, and details display the untapped wealth of Africa.

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