NKWO is an artisanal brand at the forefront of the sustainable fashion movement in Nigeria with the conservation of natural resources and the environment as the label's core values.

Conscious of the impact running a fashion label has on the environment the brand's main focus is textile waste reduction, creating artisanal and limited-edition pieces from up-cycled denim, made in Nigeria cotton, end-of-line fabrics and cutting table waste. This focus on waste reduction has also led to the invention of a 'new African fabric' called DAKALA CLOTH.

The clothes are free spirited and nomadic, inspired by the lives of the wandering people of the African deserts and great plains. Through exploration and experimentation with innovative techniques, the label aims to harness the capabilities of technology (both old and new) as a sustainable form of preserving traditional craft skills. Modern interpretations of early methods of hand crafting like weaving, beading, hand dyeing and embroidery give new new life to fabrics by transforming their conventional uses and making the transition from tradition to modernity.

Working closely with artisans and local makers the label aims to create meaningful change on the continent by involving the many parts of the expanding fashion eco-system in a new way of working that is more mindful as it celebrates and preserves the art of creation.

NKWO is devoted to promoting a positive image of Africa and the unique interpretations of the rich history, culture and traditions have seen Nkwo Onwuka emerge as one of Africa's leading fashion designers as she champions the African renaissance.

Brand Launched: 2012
: Womenswear

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